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24 Hour Emergency Response Boiler Repairs in Poole

Herkes Heating are dedicated to providing around the clock emergency boiler repairs in Poole for clients based in and around Poole. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and first time resolution for all boiler repair jobs, and we’re proud to have been accredited by noted manufacturers for the high quality workmanship we offer.

No inflating rates

We’re not like other boiler repair companies in Poole who charge exorbitant amounts for call outs, offering them for one price and hitting customers with an entirely different sum. Instead, all our prices are transparent and fixed. There are no hidden costs.

Fixed Price Boiler Repairs

Other companies might hide additional costs in the most inconvenient of places and they all soon start adding up. Herkes Heating are committed to ensuring that our clients know exactly what they’re paying for, and that they’re getting the best deal. If your boiler repair takes half an hour, you’ll only have to pay £43 and the total cost of any parts used. We have a huge range of common parts in stock to tackle most boiler repair jobs, and we’ll endeavour to get it right first time.

Boiler Parts and Manufacturer Accreditation

We’re proud of our high success rate for first-fix boiler repair in Poole. Of course, there will be certain boiler repair jobs that require getting in specialised parts, particularly for larger items like fans and boiler control boards (PCBs).

We’re proud to be accredited, and we wouldn’t recommend going to any company that didn’t have accredited status. As we’re a well recognised and accredited boiler engineer in Poole, we have good working agreements with part centres and manufacturers, who directly provide us with discounted prices on all specially requested parts. We’re proud to offer our customers these parts for such great prices.


My boiler is really old, what happens if it cannot be repaired?

No matter what the fault may be, most boilers can be repaired. However, it’s like a car or any other big machine – the most important thing is to ensure that it’s safe. Herkes Heating will endeavour to do everything we can to keep your water and your house warm and we offer a round the cock service for boiler repair in Poole.

Can I get financial help with boiler costs?

Yes. The Affordable Warmth Scheme offers a small amount of funding to those who qualify. The money could then go towards the costs of boiler repair in Poole or replacement jobs. For more information, take a look at our heating grants page heating grants page for more information.


Please check this list before telephoning for assistance.

1. Are the heating and hot water timer turned on?
2. Is the pilot light lit?
3. Is the gas turned on?
4. Is the pressure in my boiler just above 1 bar on the pressure gauge?
5. Is my room thermostat turned down ?
6. Have the kids turned off any switches?
7. Where is the filling point for my combi-boiler?
8. Is the power to my boiler on?
9. Do I know where the electrical isolation switch is?
10. Has the fuse blown?
11. Is my central heating pump working?
12. Do I know where the central heating pump is?
13. Have I vented my upstairs radiators lately?
14. When was the last time I had my boiler serviced?